Rules and Regulations

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Please Note:

  • For each competition individual prizes/awards will be given.
  • There will be surprize events in between the main events which will be disclosed only at the event venue.
  • All the participants are requested to follow the instructions, rules or restrictions put forth from time to time by the organizing committee or the volunteers for the smooth conduct of the event.
  • The organizing committee reserves the rights to add, replace, modify, remove or alter any event or its part, any rule or its part and any conditions mentioned above or part of them for the smooth conduct of the programme as a whole and any complaints regarding the same must be forwarded to the organizing committee chair or the convener or the coordinator or the person in-charge immediately.
  • All the participants are requested to not to indulge in indisciplinary activities within the campus and conflicts arising between the participants, between the participants and the volunteers or between the participants and any third-party must be brought to attention of the person wo is in charge of the activities, the organizing committee or the convener immediately.
  • The sincere cooperation from the participants and parents/guardians with the volunteers is requested.

All the participants are requested to go through the instructions for the individual events:

1. Poster Making Competition

There will be a poster making competition.All those who received registration confirmation can start the preparation of poster on given topic. The topic is ‘ROSETTA’. Rules for Poster Making:

  1. The poster must be submitted at the registration desk.
  2. Any resources can be utilized for the competition.
  3. The size of the poster should be A3.

2. Essay Writing Competition

An essay writing competition will be conducted immediately after the first lecture of Day 1. Rules for Essay Writing Competition:

  1. The duration of the competition is 30 Mins.
  2. The essay should be of word limit 300-400 words.
  3. Plagiarisms of any kind will lead to disqualification.
  4. The essay must be strictly based on the topic which will be given onsite.
  5. The essay evaluation will be based on their skills on understanding, writing, logical and effective organisation of contents etc.

3. Quiz Competition

Preliminary round of quiz competition will be conducted in the afternoon session of Day 1 and finals will be on the Day 2. Rules for Quiz Competition:

  1. A weightage will be given to the marks of preliminary round for the Young Scientist award/Scholarship.
  2. The top 6 students will be selected to compete in the final round.

4. Assignment

Assignment assessment will be based on the task .The task will be given on spot at the end of Day 1. Rules for Assignment:

  1. The given task can be submitted on paper.(eg:-Essay, Poetry, Posters, Cartoon, Story , Scripts etc)
  2. It should be submitted as said by the instructor.

5. Group Discussion

Space related group discussion will be conducted on the Day 2. Rules for Group Discussion:

  1. The students will be randomly assigned to 10 groups.
  2. The topics for each group will be released at the venue.
  3. The evaluation criterias are:
    1. The content of their points and its relevance to the topic, along with attempts to add diverse perspectives to it is encouraged.
    2. The etiquettes of their speech .Practises such as interrupting another the participants in the middle of a speech, passing condescending remarks etc.. are highly discouraged. Polite , but active participation is encouraged.

6. Oral/Powerpoint Presentation

The topic is: ‘BLACK HOLES’
The general rules for Oral/Powerpoint Presentation are:

  1. Oral /Powerpoint presentation will be conducted.
  2. The student those who are making powerpoint presentation should bring the powerpoint in a pendrive.
  3. Laptop will be provided in the venue of presentation.

7. FISAT Young Scientist Award

Based on the overall performances and collective sum of marks ,The “FISAT Young Scientist Award” will be given. Criteria for Young Scientist Award:

  1. Only 10 students will be eligible for the Award.
  2. The students will be selected based on their performances throughout the event (except for the final round of quiz).
  3. Decisions of Judging panel will be final.

Please Note: Topics

The topic for Poster Making Competition is


The topic for Oral/Powerpoint Presentation is


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